About dAItto

dAItto is an artificial intelligence (AI) that plays Pokémon battles.
It is based on an adaptation of the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm: a general purpose search algorithm for decision processes. Without any prior knowledge of the game except for the rules, the AI chooses its moves by analysing the possible evolutions of the game and determining the moves leading to the most promising ones.
Obviously, deeper and wider analyses of the game evolution lead to stronger move choices. However, exploring the game tree is computationally expensive, and a balance between the level of play and the thinking time is necessary and dependent on the application. On this website, you can taste the power of such an AI by playing against a version of dAItto running on a single core and with a limited thinking time.
Challenge the strongest AI for Pokemon ever seen and keep track of your progresses on your profile page!
dAitto is conceived, developed and managed by Emanuele Boattini and Massimiliano Chiappini, two Italian theoretical physicists currently doing a PhD in computational physics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


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